Monday, 5 December 2011

Worthy of Your Time: Low Sonic Drift

North of the border, a nation is brimming with heavy musical talent. If it carries on this way, Scotland may well become as well known for its metal bands, as it is for haggis, whiskey and battered Mars bars. I'm positively losing track of how many great bands have emerged from the Tartan nation, especially in the last year or two, and in Glasgow's Low Sonic Drift, we can add another to the list.

Formed in 2007, Low Sonic Drift play a fusion of progressive, psychedelic melodic heavy metal, and consist of the trio of Omar Aborida (guitar/vocals), Paul Wilson (bass) and Javuad Habibi (drums). Taken from the band's biography, they describe their sound and influences accordingly:

'Their influences are drawn from sources far and wide; from bands of the desert such as Kyuss and Karma to Burn to the forests of Scandinavia (Opeth, Enslaved) and everywhere in between. As such their music is a vigorous combination of grandiose instrumental passages, chilled psychotropic grooves and monumental thrash style riffage. Combine that with relentless energy and a keen sense of adventure; Low Sonic Drift possess a formidable live show and have shared the stage with such acts as Orange Goblin, Weedeater, Brant Bjork, Humanfly, Black Sun and Stinking Lizaveta.'

Their debut EP 'Shadows of the Titan' was released through local indie label Theoretical Records in May 2009. The band's vision as stated above is certainly present in the EP, combining stomping riffage, psychedelic passages and thunderous beats and grooves over the course of five storming tracks including the anthemic 'Sun Doesn't Rise' and 'Shadows'. Very kindly, the band have authorised a free download of the EP's final track, 'Shadows', which you can download from this location. If you like what you hear, head to the band's Bandcamp page, or their official store, listed below.

Omar says the band are currently on hold while they write for their debut album, which will be released early next year. Upon which, you can expect some tour dates to be announced, including a planned January show with instrumental post-rockers Up-C Down-C Left-C Right-C ABC + Start, to take place at The Stereo in Glasgow - date to be confirmed soon.

Be sure to show these guys some appreciation, for they're certainly worthy of a spot in this feature.

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