Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sea Bastard - Great Barrier Riff

Sea Bastard
Great Barrier Riff

The UK sludge/doom uprising continues with this excellent demo from Brighton-based doom worshippers Sea Bastard, brilliantly titled 'Great Barrier Riff'. Featuring former members of Funeral Hag and Jovian, 'The Great Barrier Riff' is three life-draining tracks which no self-respecting fan of the genre should overlook, with riffs as deep and massive as the reef its shares its name with.

The highlight here is the middle track 'Taedium', a near 14 minute dirge that agonizingly crushes with an almighty crunch that persists for the first eleven minutes, emphasising just how overpowering doom of this intensity can be, before upping the pace in suckerpunch fashion to finish. Hail indeed. The production is crusty, ugly and raw, perfectly suitable for bowel-shaking riffs. Closer listening might detect one or two mistakes but having only been around since July and this being their first demo, it's not disruptive at all to really matter. Sea Bastard certainly have a lot to offer the UK doom scene and on this basis, the full length can't come soon enough.

Peter Clegg

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