Friday, 9 December 2011

Have yourself a very merry Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas

Earlier this year, we reviewed Scotland's finest grind offenders, the impressively monikered Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair, who delivered an incredible record in the form of the conceptual grind romance piece 'Contraception'.

Now Facebook followers of the band may already be aware, but in case you aren't, its time to get acquainted, if our glowing review didn't persuade you already. Because the Wheelchair x4 boys are the gift that keeps on giving, as their 2008 debut, the festively cheerful 'Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas', is available as a free download, courtesy of Messrs Finnie and King! Featuring incredible Christmas carols such as 'Daytrip to Lapland New Forest' and 'Holly Berries are Poisonous', delivered through the production of a cheesegrater, as a free download its recommended for any grind/powerviolence fan looking for a twist on the genre.

This is old news to those of you in the know, but with the 25th fast approaching, this is well worth an early festive treat.

Download 'Christmas Christmas Christmas Christmas' here
The 'hymn sheet' can be found here!

Peter Clegg

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